BUMUN 2020 High School Conference Information

The Benedictine University Model United Nations (BUMUN) High School Conference will take place virtually, via Zoom, on November 21-22, 2020.

Why Attend The BUMUN High School Conference?

Benedictine University’s program is one of just five with over 50 years of continuous participation in the National Model United Conference in New York City, the largest United Nations simulation in the world. For the past decade, our program has gained wide recognition with consistently outstanding performance, receiving multiple Outstanding and Distinguished Delegation, Outstanding Position Paper, and Best Delegate in Committee Awards during that time.

Our alumni are dedicated and experienced NMUN participants. Many have served on NMUN staff after graduating. They, along with current Benedictine Model United Nations student and leaders, will run the sessions in a professional manner, ensuring your students a rewarding educational experience.

Like all United Nations simulations, our Conference offers the chance to deliberate and understand complex global issues through the lens of a different state’s political, security, economic and cultural perspective. It provides a platform to develop skills in public speaking, negotiation and compromise, and policy writing in a uniquely exhilarating environment.

What Makes Our Conference Different?

Obviously, having to offer this conference virtually, this will be an unusual and imperfect simulation. Moreover, none of us has experience doing this. That said, nobody offering such conference has much or any such experience! We pledge to offer as much of an authentic experience as we can. Thereofre, we will again offer a two-day conference. This will provide delegates with an opportunity to have a more in-depth resolution-writing and negotiation experience than is possible in a shorter setting. We will focus on making sure delegates work together to craft meaningful resolutions on their topics and in the appropriate format, and gain a voting procedure experience. Such is not possible in a one-day setting.

We will offer a well-run, rigorous conference yet in a low-key, low-pressure setting. We understand that November is early in the year and many students will not have prior experience with Model UN conference. Our experienced conference staff has experience both as delegates and as teachers, and will be prepared to offer advice and guidance in a comfortable yet exciting learning atmosphere. So while our conference will rigorous in materials, we consciously design the setting to be less formal and more instructive. As such, the BUMUN High School Conference is ideal preparation for larger conferences you may attend later in the later.

How Much Will it Cost?

Our goal always has been and remains to make it easy for any school to attend. For this unusual conference format, we are eliminating per-student delegate fees, and instead offering three tiers of school enrollment: $100 for up to 10 delegates; $200 for up to 20 delegates; $300 for up to 30 delegates.

Payment for will be due by October 16 (please let us know if this is a problem for your school and we will work with you). Final registration deadline is October 9.

STUDENTS: if your school does not have a Model UN club, you may still attend! Any group of four students may form a delegation. Please contact us for details on registration as an independent student group!

How is the Conference Structured?

Our guidance has been to keep committees small to enable a useful virtual experience. To this end, we will have several small committees and no GAs for the 2020 conference, with one representative per delegation sitting on each committee (i.e., no committee partners this year). You may specify a regional preference when registering for the conference.

The conference will run from roughly 9am to roughly 4pm both days, with long and short breaks to provide relief from the computer environment. Details to come soon.